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Nov 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
of the house john boehner. you know why, because he and mitt romney share the same passion and that's a passion to restore the american promise and bring back the american dream. he needs a partner in the oval office who will do that with him. ladies and gentlemen, john boehner. [applause] >> i've been on the road for the last six weeks helping my candidate and every place i go people ask me how are we going to do in ohio. well, by the looks of things tonight, i think we're in romney ryan country right here. i couldn't be more proud of the team we've got on the ballot here in ohio this year. mitt romney, paul ryan, josh man dell, sharon kennedy, a team ready to bring america back. [applause] a lot of you know i grew up not far from here but we moved here almost 38 years ago. raised our daughters here, moved my business here. this is our home. and i couldn't think of a prouder time for a westchester ohio than tonight. when i was running my business here, i saw how government could make it harder. i saw what government could do to stifle job creation. this is the heart land of america and in some
Oct 29, 2012 10:00am EDT
with john nichols and christian scheider. they probably have opposite views of what occurred here tonight. i am just guessing. you are free to go to the polls between now and november 6. election day is the sixth. we encourage you all to get out and vote. thank you to the candidates for being here tonight, and to you for watching at home. i am mike gousha. have a wonderful evening. >> live pictures of the u.s. capitol well -- where hurricane sandy has shut down the federal government today. d.c. area schools are closed. commercial flights are grounded. most of the metropolitan east coast is shutdown because of the storm. early voting has also been canceled here as well as in maryland. president obama wants to make a campaign stop in orlando earlier today. the president's plane is back here in about half an hour or so. because of the storm, many of the campaign events were planning to cover were canceled. it will be covering an event with mitt romney this morning in the midwest as he stops in three battleground states. he starts in avon lake, ohio. then he has to davenport, iowa, before he fi
Nov 2, 2012 10:30pm EDT
, of course john boccieri, who i think you know pretty well, is no longer serving us but i hope he'll be back. in line with that, the redistricting issue too in ohio. i wish yud speak a little bit to the pathology of how these districts are being gerrymandered and -- specifically in -- an issue two in ohio. >> we're supporting issue two, i'm supporting issue two which creates a citizen panel to redraw the congressional districts and the legislative districts. >> is that on the ballot as well? >> it's on the ballot as well. it takes the pen out of the hands of politicians, both democrats and republicans, so we can start getting districts that are inclusive of entire communities and other things, to make sure we don't have a district, for example, one that starts in mahoney county in northeastern ohio and goes all the way down to south central ohio and includes, you know, is basically drawn as a republican district. republicans control the pen in this particular instance and redrew districts that benefited republicans. to think that there are a million more democrats in ohio than there are repu
Nov 2, 2012 2:00pm EDT
, in westchester, ohio. also joining them is condoleezza rice and senator john mccain. that is at 7:30 on c-span. the amount we have to create an environment that our small businesses can thrive. when we look at the uniqueness on the border different from the reform metered -- needed, we need comprehensive immigration reform. we have a work force problem because of our immigration system is broken. we cannot get workers to go back and forth. these problems create an impediment to commerce. we have to provide a workforce that can move back and forth easily, and now we cannot do that because of the impediments that are there by not having an effective immigration policy. that becomes an economic issue. >> some of the issues have to do with what was raised here with regard to be near the border, seasonal work that comes on, and being susceptible to a national trend when it comes to the economy. we need to do things desperately yuma. yuma, one thing we have to avoid is the sequestration that is looming at the end of the year that will hurt our military readiness. for an area yuma, it would be d
Oct 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. former congressman john -- is kere and i want to than him. this was a day the president and i had planned -- on not working. can you turn it up. is that better? [applause] >> this is a day the president and i had planned to travel from florida to ohio to virginia, but the weather had other things in mind. so a few days ago we canceled the virginia stop because we didn't want to imperil any lives. we went to florida. he got up and said, "i have to go back. i have to handle the storm. i said, mr. president, that is the right call. spoke in orlando and got on the plane and threflew throuh the edges of the storm to be here with vice president biden. i will bring him on in a moment. i wnat to thank him for what he has done. let me say a few words about this election and ohio. i like youngstown a lot. i like it -- i like it because it is a place that still believes in manufacturing. it is one of the mid-size cities i mentioned in my book, "back to work" that has done a remarkable job of selling american-made producests around the world. i like it because your largest employer is youngstown stat
Oct 26, 2012 10:30pm EDT
of jesus. go get 'em. [laughter] sign her up. [applause] >> in 1962, pope john the 23rd said to george mcgovern, you have seen this quote many times, when you meet your maker and he asks, have you fed the hungry, and given drink to the thirsty and cared for the lonely, you, george, can answer yes. today, we celebrate george stanley mcgovern is resurrected in christ. he has met his maker. we celebrate that he knew what to do and he did it. with every fiber of his being, with every word he spoke. today we celebrate that george mcgovern said yes, yes, lord, i fed the hungry, i liberated the oppressed, i proclaimed the lord's blessing. we as a grateful nation join in saying, well done, george. well done, a good and faithful servant of the lord. he knew what to do and you did it. we release you now. we release you now to god's everlasting arms. rest in peace, may it be so. amen. [applause] ♪ ♪ ["leaning on the everlasting arms"] ♪ ♪ >> let us pray. >> almighty god, into your hands we commend your son, george stanley mcgovern, through jesus christ our lord. eternal god, you have shar
Oct 30, 2012 1:00am EDT
for welcoming me here. i want to thank the congressman for his remarks and service. former congressman john, i want to the thank you for being here. this was a day that the president and i had planned -- not working? can you turn it up? is that better? this is a day that the president and i had to travel from florida to ohio to virginia. the weather has other things in mind. the couple of days ago we canceled the virginia stop this we did not to imperil any lives. then we went to florida last night. he got up this morning in said i have to go back right now the storm is getting out of hand. i have to handle it. i said that is the right call. i spoke in orlando and got on a plane to come here and be with vice-president and joe biden. i will bring him on in a minute. i want to thank him for all he has done for our country. let me just a few words about this election in of ohio. i like youngstown a lot. [applause] i like it because it is aplace that still believes in manufacturing. it is one of the one of the mentioned i in my book that has done a wonderful job of selling american a products arou
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)